Create Strike-and-Dip Features

After selecting the Create Strike-and-Dip Point button from the Digitizer (Advanced) toolbar or the digitizer right click menu, select the location of the new point by left clicking at the desired location. Drag the cursor in the direction of the strike and then release it, and the point will be placed at the start of the mouse drag and the strike/ dip azimuth will automatically be initialized to that direction. To cancel creation of the point(s), press the Escape key or right click

After selecting the location of the strike-and-dip point, the Enter Strike-and-Dip Parameters dialog (pictured below) appears and allows the user to setup the point. This includes selected the azimuth angle for the strike, either relative to True North (the default) or to the top of the map screen, the dip value for the point (which will be used as the display label on the map), the symbol to use, an optional description, and which layer in the Control Center to place the new point feature. There is also a Modify Location button which allows the user to fine-tune the location of the point by manually entering coordinates.

Once creating the strike-and-dip point is completed, the Digitizer Tool will remain in the strike-and-dip creation mode, simply left-click to create additional points centered on another location, or right-click to choose a different mode. Hold down the Ctrl key when left-clicking to create additional points the new strike-and-dip point will automatically be created at the clicked location using the same parameters as the last strike-and-dip point that was created, allowing the user to quickly place a lot of points without going through the dialog each time.