Start Page

Geographic Calculator's Start Page is an interactive screen from which information about job types and updates can be accessed. When a job type is selected from the list on the left, information about the selected job will appear in the Job Guide. Double click anywhere in the job description to create a new job of that type. Jobs created from the Start Page will be added as new active jobs, and also be added to the list of jobs in the Project Manager.

In a new workspace, an Interactive Conversion job will already be active by default.

Any of the Geographic Calculator's thirteen job types (below) may be initiated from the Start Page by selecting one of the jobs and clicking 'Create Job' in the Job Guide dialog for the selected job type. When a job is selected on the left, the Job Guide will display information about that specific job type's capabilities.

Interactive Conversion

Performing Point Database Conversions

Point Database Forward Inverse

Converting a Point Database Via Scale & Translate

Creating a Best-Fit Coordinate System

Point Database Derive Datum Transform

Seismic Survey Conversion

Seismic Survey Quality Control

Vector Data Conversions

Raster Transform

Land Survey Summary

Line Intersection Job

Area Calculation

In the upper left corner of the start page are options to Open a File . Once a file is opened, a job will populate in the workspace that is appropriate for that file format or data type.

Data may also be accessed via a spatial database connection by selecting the Open Database option

At the bottom of the page is a User Tips window, each time the application is opened a new User Tip will be displayed. When a specific job type is selected, supported data formats for the selected job will be listed.

The blue section in the right in the Start Page will contain application update notifications, information on upcoming webinars and webcasts, and information on upcoming training opportunities. When a file is opened using this area will be replaced by coordinate system information from the file and a preview of the file for vector or raster data types.