Project Manager

The Project Manager allows you to organize and manage all types of Geographic Calculator Jobs and Projects within your current Workspace. The Project Manager pane may be undocked from the main window to float, it may be hidden, or it may be docked in alternate locations.

Projects within the project manager act as folders or collections of jobs. The jobs within a project can be modified, processed or validated as a group through the context menu.

Jobs can be processed, cloned, or added to a batch from the project manager. Right-clicking allows the user to add or view a job description, delete, save, or rename the job or add additional projects or jobs.

Note: Starting with Geographic Calculator 2020 SP1, the format of project or job files is JSON and the file extensions have been updated. These files are not backwards compatible with previous versions of Geographic Calculator.

Progress Status

The Project Manager panel will display a progress bar under each job as it is processing. If an entire project is processed at once, there will also be a progress bar underneath the Project name, showing overall progress through all the jobs it includes. The progress bar in Project Manager replaces the Process Manager in earlier

Next to each progress bar is a button with an X, which can be used to cancel a running job or skip one that hasn't begun yet. Below is an example of the Project Manager during the processing of a project.

When processing has completed, press the X button to clear the status bars. Additional processing information is visible in the messages window at the bottom of the application.

Context Menu Options

Any item in the Project Manager window has short cuts associated with it that can be accessed by right-clicking on the item in the Project Manager window.  

The currently selected job is displayed in the current tab. Select the job by double-clicking it in the project manager. Any other jobs from any other projects may be opened at the same time by clicking the job, or by right-clicking it and selecting Open In New Tab.

In the event that there are more tabs than space available, the drop-down menu on the right end of the tabs may be used to navigate through them.

Delete Multiple Items —This option will provide a list of jobs in the project. Highlight any jobs to mark them for deletion, then press Ok to remove them from the project.

Description — Each item in the project manager can have a custom description. This is a text pop-up window that can be used to make notes or provide other descriptive information. Right-click on the item and choose description to view or edit the description.

To save the customized list of Projects and Jobs for the next time the application is accessed save a workspace by clicking on File > Save > Workspace. If you want to preserve the starting configuration, click on File > Save As > Workspace to create a new workspace for your current configuration.

You can right-click in the white space of the Project Manager to create new Projects or Jobs. There are also options to save or clear the current workspace.