Universal Transverse Mercator

The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Coordinate System is an international plane coordinate system developed by the U.S. Army. It extends around the globe from 84 degrees north to 80 degrees south. The world is divided into 60 zones in the Northern Hemisphere and 60 corresponding zones in the southern hemisphere. Each zone covers 6 degrees of longitude. Each zone extends 3 degrees eastward and 3 degrees westward from its central meridian. Zones are numbered west to east from the 180-degree meridian.

The geodetic datum and the UTM zone are required parameters for the UTM Coordinate System supported in the Geographic Calculator.

A UTM coordinate is specified in the Geographic Calculator by northing and easting values. The meter is the standard unit in the UTM Coordinate System. Any distance unit defined within the Geographic Calculator may be used to specify UTM coordinates.