Seismic Survey Quality Control

The Seismic Survey Quality Control job checks the quality of seismic lines for straightness (changes in azimuth) and distance between shot points. It also reports summary statistics including duplicate points, point counts, and points outside the threshold values. It flags records outside of the threshold by point number.

When both a Seismic file and a Control File are loaded, the process also compares each shot point to the control point sequentially to flag records more than a threshold distance away from the control.

The supported Seismic File format is SEG-Y. The Seismic Survey QC job uses the Common Depth Point (CDP) location, which is the midpoint between the source array and near trace. The SEG-Y file will list this location as the X Coordinate of ensemble (CDP) position and Y Coordinate of ensemble (CDP) position. The report identifies flagged records by point number (Energy source point number specified in column 5 of SEG-Y).

When only a Control File (UKOOA P1-90) is loaded, the point spacing and azimuth changes will be calculated and reported for the control file. The Northing (c11) and Easting (c10) values of the control file shot points are the coordinates used.