Importing and Exporting Workspaces

Workspace files may be shared with other machines via import and export. This uses a zip folder of all the components of a workspace

To import a new workspace, select File>Import Workspace. Browse to the zip file containing the workspace you wish to import, and click Open. You will be prompted to select where the workspace should be saved.

Note: Starting with Geographic Calculator 2020 SP1, when a workspace is imported and saved to a folder directory, the format of the workspace file is saved as *.bmgj (JSON format). This workspace file is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Geographic Calculator. The previous workspace extension was *.bmg (XML format).

A backup version of the default workspace is provided in zipped format in the Backup folder of the installation directory for the Geographic Calculator. This should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Marble Geo\Geographic Calculator for 6- bit installations and C:\Program Files\Blue Marble Geo\Geographic Calculator for 32-bit installations, unless a custom application install path was selected during installation.

On upgrade of the application, the existing default workspace file may optionally be archived. For more information see Default Workspace

To export your current workspace, select File>Export Workspace. Browse to the folder where you want to create the file containing the exported workspace. Type in a name for the compressed zip file, and click Save. The exported workspace file will be written out to the specified file.