Welcome to the Geographic Calculator®

The Geographic Calculator is the global coordinate transformation tool. The latest release of Geographic Calculator has been update to include the newest IOGP data model. With version 2020 we are pleased to offer a new remote desktop license option for our customers. We have also continued to expand our datasource, including new geoids, new magnetic models, and capability for early bound coordinate systems. With version 2019 the graphics and icons have been updated to be more distinct and intuitive. We have also introduced a new angular unit converter, and expanded support for copy and paste of data to and from Point Database jobs and external spreadsheets.

With version 2017 we introduced a new Seismic QC job for quality checking of preplot and poststack seismic lines between UKOOA and SEG-Y files. We also introduced Geocalc Online, http://www.geocalconline.com/ , an online resource for referencing the full geodetic registry contained within the Geographic Calculator. The online registry also integrates with Geographic Calculator, allowing for regular updates to the datasource to maintain up-to-the-minute calculation methods.

With the release of 2016 we introduced a redesigned interface to streamline workflows including a consolidated Start Page that provides clear and concise explanations for each type of calculation, serving as a launching pad for easy access to the various jobs. The Point Database Job has been split into five logical operations to simplify management of point database tasks, providing a unique and intuitive interface for each type of calculation.

If you need to reproject a point, spreadsheets of points, vector, raster or any type of geospatial data, the Geographic Calculator supports a wide range of file formats with support from the largest commercially available geodetic data source.  Leverage the power of our enterprise collaboration tools that enable the sharing of jobs, workspaces, and projects with Geographic Calculator users in different locations.  

Here’s a detailed list of what’s included in the Geographic Calculator:    

  • Interactive Calculations- Single point conversions, Forward, and Inverse Calculations
  • Point Database Calculations- Point Conversions, Forward, Inverse and Best Fit Calculations, on tabular data formats, as well as ODBC databases
  • Seismic Survey Conversions and Quality Control- Access, maintain, and convert SEG, SPS and UKOOA formatted ASCII data faster and more efficiently.     
  • Vector Data Conversions- Vector data conversions for popular GIS and CAD formats. Crop formats by layer and area, singly or in a large batch
  • Geodetic definition manipulation including custom coordinate object definition and customization
  • Georeferencing- Assign coordinates to a raster image and perform projection recovery for unknown projections
  • Transformation- Reprojecting raster images, both single and batch mode
  • View data from a PostGIS spatial database
  • Load and convert data between any GIS file format and spatial database formats
  • Custom geoid support (with Global Mapper v16 and higher)
  • Mix and match GIS, CAD, and spatial database formats for all of your geodetic tasks
  • Administrative tools to allow streamlining the user experience and setting up restrictions on coordinate system use
  • Workspaces and a project manager for grouping common tasks and/or organizing different projects within the Calculator that can then be shared between users
  • A multi-data Viewer to visualize data before and after conversion
  • Importers to bring in geodetic parameters from other databases and file formats
  • An XML based geodetic datasource that allows for creation of custom definitions and advanced geodetic object manipulation and querying
  • A web registry connection to the GeoCalc Geodetic Registry and the OGP’s online registry for EPSG datasource and advanced parameter support
  • An application Start Page that is an interactive page with information about appropriate job types, data support and updates