Angular Unit Converter

Then Angular Unit converter is a simple tool for converting between angular unit types and/ or formatting. The tool is opened from the Tools menu.

Within the angular unit converter, you can set the units for input and output by clicking on the Units button to the right of the data box.

Clicking the In Format and Out Format buttons will allow you to set the angular unit format, such as decimal degrees, DMS, etc. as well as the decimal precision.

Check the option Limit to +/- 180° to wrap values beyond +/- 180°. With this unchecked the default range in 360°. Checking this option will wrap longitude values to the standard East / West Geographic Reference System.

Clicking the Calculate button will perform the conversion, and the converted distance will be written in the Output box.

In the above example image, the input decimal degrees were converted to degrees minutes seconds by changing the Out Format as seen below.