Global Mapper Mobile Training

Thu Mar 18, 2021
09:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

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The mobile version of Global Mapper is a field-optimized GIS viewer and data collector that effectively extends the use of the desktop software to jobsite. Available for the iOS and Android platforms, the app provides access to virtually any data layers that have been imported or created in Global Mapper.

In this two-hour hands-on workshop, we will introduce the basic layout of the app and its principal features and functions. Using some sample datasets, we will show how data layers are prepared in the desktop version of Global Mapper and how they are transferred to and from the device. We will simulate the field-data collection process using a preformatted form and show how this collected data is transferred back to the desktop software.

The workshop will make use of both the basic functionality of the app as well as the features and functions that are exclusive to the Pro version. For the duration of the workshop, a temporary license of Global Mapper Mobile Pro will be available to all workshop attendees.

To demonstrate the app’s capabilities and to provide direction for the hands-on workflows, the instructor will use a screen-sharing utility. Attendees are strongly encouraged to follow along using their own iOS or Android device.

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