Answering your FAQs

Thu Dec 8, 2022
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

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Join us for the last webinar of 2022, where we will be answering the most frequently asked question from Global Mapper users worldwide:

  • Where can I get help with Global Mapper?
  • Can I upgrade my license of Global Mapper (standard version) to Global Mapper Pro?
  • Can I copy and paste features in Global Mapper?
  • How do I mosaic data? How do I tile data?
  • Where can I find lidar data?
  • How do I vertically transform my 3D data? 
  • Does the Pixels to Points tool support the use of ground control points? 
  • How can I incorporate scripting into my Global Mapper workflow? 
  • Can I use bathymetric data in Global Mapper?

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