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Below are videos of some of our previous webinars and webcasts for you to review.

Geographic Calculator
Blue Marble Partners with NEURISA and the NGS to offer a free educational webinar
June 16, 2016

Prepare Yourself for the Coming New Datums with a Refresher from NEURISA

Projections and Datums are an often overlooked component in GIS workflows, yet they provide the very base of the geospatial data itself. Many GIS solutions provide semi-automated means of dealing with differences in datums and projections that can remove a level of awareness from the end user. Yet as our capability of mapping with greater accuracy and precision gets more advanced, so too does the necessity for proper handling of those base references. Distortions from a poor map projection or positional inaccuracy from either poor transformations or improper selection can introduce problems in analysis and measurement. With many GIS professionals still remembering the move to NAD83 from NAD27 not so long ago, to prepare for the new datums coming to us in 2022 we will need to hone our skills around these fundamental concepts. The first part of this webinar will focus on basic geodetics, taking a quick look at the core concepts of reference systems, presented by Sam Knight of Blue Marble Geographics. Next, Dan Martin of NOAA, will present an overview of the ongoing initiative to create new national reference systems for the US by 2022 and what to expect with these new systems. Throughout this session, we will explore the theoretical, the practical, and where to go to both broaden and deepen our knowledge. We close the session with a question and answer session hosted by NEURISA.

Global Mapper
What's New in Global Mapper v. 17.2
May 26, 2016

The monthly Global Mapper webinar returns to its live format for the month of May as we introduce the latest release of the software. Join us for this hour-long, interactive presentation as we explore some of the significant new features and functions that have been introduced in Global Mapper 17.2 and in the accompanying LiDAR Module. As with previous minor releases, version 17.2 is a complimentary upgrade for users of the current version of the software. It also represents the last opportunity for users of version 16 to upgrade to latest release at a significantly discounted price.

Version 17.2 includes numerous upgrades, enhanced functionality, and new tools throughout virtually all aspects of the application. Among the specific topics that will be covered in this presentation are:

  • Significant enhancements to the Map Layout function including the option to design a MapBook or atlas with tiled pages covering a defined area
  • A new option in the 3D View to render a Path Profile as a cut-away view of the terrain
  • Support for pan sharpening color imagery using higher resolution panchromatic (grayscale) imagery
  • A new inverse cropping tool for quickly and easily creating holes in any raster data
  • The ability to crop online layers to a selected polygon when loading the online source
  • Improved export speed of multiple tiles to raster (image) formats
  • And much more

We will also explore a range of new and updated tools that have been introduced to support the exchange of data with the upcoming Global Mapper Mobile application, which is scheduled for release within a few weeks.

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Global Mapper Webinar with Intermap Technologies -
Advanced Terrain Analysis with NEXTMap Data

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