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Below are videos of some of our previous webinars and webcasts for you to review.

Global Mapper
Raster Processing In Global Mapper
November 19, 2015

In many GIS processes and procedures, raster data serves as a static base map or reference layer upon which vector data is rendered and given a locational context. While vector data is rightfully considered to be inherently editable and interactive, more often than not raster layers simply act as a platform or a foundation in the analysis workflow. In reality, it is unfair to relegate raster data to a supporting role in the broader field of spatial analysis. Both individually and collectively, every pixel that comprises a raster layer contains information that exposes a wealth of valuable data, reveals patterns in data distribution, and creates a more complete picture of the area of study. Global Mapper provides a number of tools for utilizing or analyzing raster layers and in the latest monthly webcast, we will explore the raster processing capabilities of the current release. Topics will include:

  • Rectifying an image file to create a geo-referenced raster layer
  • Adjusting transparency, contrast, and other imagery properties
  • Cropping, tiling, and mosaicking raster layers
  • Creating vector area features from selected pixel colors in a raster layer
  • Feathering and blending overlapping images
  • Using the raster calculator to analyze multi-band imagery (e.g. NDVI and NBR)
  • Best practices for batch processing raster data

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Geographic Calculator
Geographic Calculator 2015 SP1 - Overview of Features
October 20, 2015

This month's session will be an overview of the features found in the Geographic Calculator 2015. Many users get comfortable with one set of tools in the Calculator, and often don't realize how much more is available. This session will explore all of the various features found throughout the application and break down what they do and what is required to do them, from single point conversions, to batch processing of vector, raster, and database information, this session will have a little something for everyone.

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Raster Processing In Global Mapper

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Global Mapper Webinar with Intermap Technologies -
Advanced Terrain Analysis with NEXTMap Data

Geographic Calculator Webinars

October 20, 2015:
Geographic Calculator 2015 SP1 - Overview of Features

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Geographic Calculator 2015 SP1 - Time Dependent Transformations

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Geographic Calculator 2015 SP1 - Troubleshooting

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Geographic Calculator 2015 - Administrative Tools

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Geographic Calculator 2015 - What's New in 2015!

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Geographic Calculator 2014: Fine-Tuning Your Workspace

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Geographic Calculator 2014: Canadian Dominion Land Survey tools

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