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The GeoCalc Software Development Kit (SDK) is a fully object-oriented class library designed for GIS professionals and software developers. This sophisticated and precise coordinate transformation toolkit allows developers to embed our technology into their custom geospatial software. This technology is the basis of our Geographic Calculator application known worldwide as the standard coordinate transformation tool for thousands of surveys and GIS analysts. We offer the underlying coordinate transformation capability of the Geographic Calculator within GeoCalc, a powerful Geodetic engine available for your own application or software development project. For more information contact sales ( today.

The World's Most Comprehensive Coordinate Transformation Parameter Database

Over 12,000 coordinate system objects and methods are supported with basic pre-defined linear and angular units, ellipsoids, geodetic datums, datum transformations both horizontal and vertical, area of use polygons and coordinate reference systems. Additionally GeoCalc contains many more advanced geomatic tools such as vertical datums, grid shifts, time dependent coordinate transformation models (HTDP), VDatum, and the ability to generate custom best fit transformations and custom coordinate objects of any type. GeoCalc is a geodetic toolbox that allows a software developer to embed advanced or basic coordinate transformation in their application. Blue Marble developer support are available to work closely with you to assist you in leveraging this powerful toolkit to maximum effect.

3D Vector and LiDAR Support
3D Vector and LiDAR Support

3D Vector and LiDAR Support

Version 7.2 features support for introduces support for Well Known Text (WKT) 2 syntax for coordinate system and transform parameters from the OGC' EPSG database. The release provides several new projection definitions including the Colombia Urban Grid and Natural Earth 2, a new worldwide projection. Also added is a new magnetic model, GUFM1, which provides over 400 years of historic geomagnetic parameters. Version 7.2 offers an update to the 14-parameter time-based transformation which now includes support for PVR and CFR methods.

GeoCalc is available for a number of platforms, not only does it support a massive amount of geodetic objects out of the box but the tool also has a direct connection to the OGP's EPSG Geodetic Parameter web registry allowing you to directly update your EPSG definitions whenever you need to supplement our already huge database with even more objects for coordinate transformation. Blue Marble's geodetic toolbox leverages an XML data source, enabling secure and powerful data transformation management through interfaces and logic that allow you to lock down your datasource via password protection. The toolkit includes a variety of tools for improving data quality management from a development level allowing the software developer to work with the survey expert to provide powerful coordinate transformation software.

GeoCalc Platforms

GeoCalc is available in the following platforms:

  • Windows C++
  • Linux
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Fully Managed .NET Now Available!!!!

This fully managed SDK is built on Microsoft's 4.0 .NET architecture. This means all of the memory management details are handled entirely by the .NET virtual machine and the CLR (Common Language Runtime). Using this standard Windows framework increases security, performance, and usability for anyone working inside the latest Microsoft development environments. This leading coordinate transformation "engine" for converting data from one coordinate system to another and for performing advanced geodetic calculations is ideal for GPS, surveying, engineering or mapping programs.

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