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Activating a Single User License for Geographic Calculator via the Internet

IMPORTANT: Laptop users with a docking station must activate the software in the undocked state. All users with both wireless and fixed NICs should disable the wireless/NIC temporarily before activating the software and then activate using a wired connection.

1. Open the Geographic Calculator. As a default, the License Manager will open on startup to show the status of your Calculator license (Figure 1):

Screen capture of Geographic Calculator
Figure 1. The Geographic Calculator without a valid license file.

2. If the License Manager is not currently displaying, use the menu bar to select File -> Licensing -> License Manager.

3. In the License Manager, click the License Wizard button to start the Geographic Calculator Activation Wizard (Figure 2). Select "Activate a Single User license with Order #" and click Next. If you have not purchased Calculator yet, you can select "Request Trial License via Internet" to evaluate the software before purchase.

Screen capture of the Geographic Calculator Activation Wizard
Figure 2. The Geographic Calculator Activation Wizard.

4. Fill in the required User Information fields (Figure 3) and click Activate.

Screen capture of the Geographic Calculator Activation Wizard User Information fields
Figure 3. The User Information dialog.

5. The information entered will be confirmed and your software will be activated automatically. If there is any problem in activating the software, you will be prompted with an error message.

Screen capture of the Geographic Calculator License Manager
Figure 4. Successful License Request.