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Importing a Single User License File For Geographic Calculator

1. Save the license file (GeographicCalculator.lic) you receive via e-mail from Blue Marble Geographics to a folder on your local machine, or to a shared network folder (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Your saved license file.

NOTE: E-mail software often renames incoming files, and the Geographic Calculator will not recognize a license with a name other than GeographicCalculator.lic as being valid. If your saved file has any other name, please rename it to GeographicCalculator.lic before attempting to import.

2. Open the Geographic Calculator. As a default, the application will display the license manager at start-up. If no license is present, it will display 'None' as the License Type (Figure 2):

Figure 2. The Geographic Calculator without a valid license file.

3. Click OK.

4. From the Menu Bar, select File --> Licensing --> Import License File. The system will present an Open dialog (Figure 3), from which you can browse to your local drive or network shared folder to retrieve the license file:

Figure 3. The Open dialog. Please select your GeographicCalculator.lic file.

5. Select the GeographicCalculator.lic file and click Open.

6. The License Manager will open and show that you now have a Machine license for Geographic Calculator (Figure 4).

Figure 4. The License Manager.

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