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GM_RasterLayout_t Fields

The GM_RasterLayout_t type exposes the following members.

Public fieldmAlphaBandIdx
0-based alpha channel band index (usually 0 or 3). Ignored unless GM_RasterLayout_AlphaPresent flag is set.
Public fieldmBitsPerBand
Number of bits per band of data (usually 8)
Public fieldmBytesPerRow
Number of bytes per row of data in data buffer. If 0 this will be calculated for you.
Public fieldmFlags
General flags for layout.
Public fieldmNumBands
Number of bands of data (usually 1 for grayscale or 3 for RGB)
Public fieldmPalette
Array of colors for palette (set to NULL for no palette)
Public fieldmPixelHeight
Number of pixels in the y direction
Public fieldmPixelWidth
Number of pixels in the x direction
Public fieldmTopLeft
Ground coordinates of top left corner of the top left pixel
Public fieldmXPixelSize
Size of each pixel in the x direction
Public fieldmYPixelSize
Size of each pixel in the y direction
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