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GM_LineStyle_t Fields

The GM_LineStyle_t type exposes the following members.

Public fieldmBgPenColor
For double line pens, the color of the background line
Public fieldmBgPenWidth
For double line pens, the width of the background line; if bg width is > 0, then this is a double line style
Public fieldmDrawLabel
Render the label for this line if there is one
Public fieldmDrawLabelAlways
Render the label for this line even if it collides with another display label
Public fieldmDrawLabelOnLine
Render the label for this line (if any) directly on the line rather than offset from it
Public fieldmFixedWidthMeters
Fixed width in meters to use for pen (only used if mPenWidth is zero)
Public fieldmFont
Font to use to render label
Public fieldmLabelSegment
Segment number (1-based) on which to render label (use 0 to use default label placement)
Public fieldmPenColor
Color to use for pen
Public fieldmPenStyle
Pen style (i.e. solid, dash, etc.)
Public fieldmPenWidth
Width in pixels to draw pen in (set to 0 for fixed width lines)
Public fieldmReserved
Must be 0
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