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GM_FontDef_t Fields

The GM_FontDef_t type exposes the following members.

Public fieldmAngle
Counter-clockwise rotation angle of angle (0 is horizontal left to right)
Public fieldmBgMode
Background fill mode (i.e. opaque or transparent)
Public fieldmCharset
Character set (use OEM_CHARSET (255) for default behavior)
Public fieldmColor
RGB color of font
Public fieldmFaceName
Name of font face used
Public fieldmFixedHgt
Fixed height of font in meters (use 0.0 for normal point-size font)
Public fieldmHalo
Draw thin halo around text to make it visible on any background.
Public fieldmItalicize
Draw text with italics?
Public fieldmPlacement
Label placement relative to point features (only applies for point features)
Public fieldmPointSize
Font point size (set mFixedHgt value to non-zero to use fixed height)
Public fieldmReserved2
Reserved, must be 0
Public fieldmReserved3
Reserved, must be 0
Public fieldmStrikeout
Strikeout text?
Public fieldmUnderline
Underline text?
Public fieldmWeight
Weight of font (use GM_Constants, like FW_BOLD, FW_THIN, FW_NORMAL, etc.)
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