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GM_AreaStyle_t Fields

The GM_AreaStyle_t type exposes the following members.

Public fieldmBorderPenColor
color to use for border pen
Public fieldmBorderPenStyle
Border pen style (i.e. solid, dash, etc.)
Public fieldmBorderPenWidth
Width to draw border pen in
Public fieldmBrushColor
color of brush to fill area with (when applicable to brush style). The color is defined as ARGB where the upper 8 bits are alpha. The exception is a value of 0 in the A is treated as no alpha.
Public fieldmBrushStyle
Style of brush to fill area with
Public fieldmDrawLabel
Render the label for this line if there is one
Public fieldmDrawLabelAlways
Render the label for this line even if it collides with another display label
Public fieldmFont
Font to use to render label
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