GM_PathProfileLOSParams_t Class
This type is used to provide the parameters for calculating path profiles and performing line of sight analysis
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Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly: GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (

public class GM_PathProfileLOSParams_t

The GM_PathProfileLOSParams_t type exposes the following members.

Public methodGM_PathProfileLOSParams_t
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Public fieldmAtmosphericCorr
IN: Atmospheric correction for LOS (1.3333 is standard for radio waves, 1.0 is no correction)
Public fieldmDetailsStrMaxLen
IN: Maximum length of details string
Public fieldmDfltElev
IN: Elev to use when none could be found
Public fieldmEndX
IN: End X coord in current projection
Public fieldmEndY
IN: End Y coord in current projection
Public fieldmFlags
IN: Flags controlling behavior
Public fieldmFresnelFreq
IN: Frequency (in GHz) to use for testing clearance of first Fresnel zone (use 0.0 to not do Fresnel testing)
Public fieldmFresnelPctClear
IN: Percentage of first Fresnel zone that must be clear of obstacles (use 0.6 for 60%). If 0 is specified, the default of 60% is used.
Public fieldmListSize
IN: Number of elevations to retrieve
Public fieldmLOSFromHeight
IN: Line-of-sight from height in meters
Public fieldmLOSToHeight
IN: Line-of-sight to height in meters
Public fieldmSize
IN: Size of structure
Public fieldmStartX
IN: Start X coord in current projection
Public fieldmStartY
IN: Start Y coord in current projection
Public propertymDetailsStr
OUT: String containing path details (set to NULL if you don't care)
Public propertymElevList
OUT: List of Elevations (set to NULL if you don't care).
Public propertymLOSFirstBlockedPos
OUT: Location of first blocked location along path (only valid if mLOSMinClearance is negative)
Public propertymLOSLastBlockedPos
OUT: Location of last blocked location along path (only valid if mLOSMinClearance is negative)
Public propertymLOSMinClearance
OUT: Minimum line-of-sight clearance in meters (will be negative if the line of sight is not clear)
Public propertymLOSMinClearancePos
OUT: Location of minimum line-of-sight clearance
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