GM_GridLayout_t Structure
This type represents layout information for a new elevation grid layer

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly: GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (

public struct GM_GridLayout_t

The GM_GridLayout_t type exposes the following members.

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Public fieldmBytesPerRow
Number of bytes per row of data in data buffer. If 0 this will be calculated for you.
Public fieldmElevUnits
Elevation units
Public fieldmFlags
General flags for layout.
Public fieldmNoDataValue
Value of samples for which the value isn't known (i.e. -9999.9)
Public fieldmNumSamplesX
Number of pixels in the x direction
Public fieldmNumSamplesY
Number of pixels in the y direction
Public fieldmReserved1
Reserved for alignment purposes
Public fieldmReserved2
Reserved for alignment purposes
Public fieldmTopLeft
Ground coordinates of center of the top left pixel
Public fieldmValType
Band value type
Public fieldmXSpacing
Spacing of sample cells in the X direction
Public fieldmYSpacing
Spacing of sample cells in the Y direction
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