GM_ExportOptsDXFFlags_t32 Enumeration
Flags to control DWG/DWG exports

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly: GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (

public enum GM_ExportOptsDXFFlags_t32
Member nameValueDescription
ExportDXF_UseLabelsForLayers1Use feature labels, if present, for layer names rather than feature types/descriptions
ExportDXF_UseZeroWidthLines2Export all lines as 0 width to prevent compatibility problems with some software
ExportDXF_TextSizeAbsolute4Is the mTenPointFontHeight really the absolute height in file unit to make all text?
ExportDXF_ExportElevLinesAs2D8Export lines with a single elevation (like contours) as 2D lines rather than 3D with a separate elevation for each vertex
ExportDXF_AllowLongLabels16Don't truncate labels at 31 characters
ExportDXF_ExportECEF32Export ECEF (Earth-Centered Earth Fixed) coordinates
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