GM_DrawFlags_t32 Enumeration
Flags to control the GM_DrawLayerList and GM_DrawPackageList operations

Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly: GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (

public enum GM_DrawFlags_t32
Member nameValueDescription
DrawFlags_BestRasterLayers1Only draw the best raster layers for this zoom scale
DrawFlags_BestRasterLayersHiRes3Same as DrawFlags_BestRasterLayers, only it shows higher resolution layers a bit sooner
DrawFlags_LowResRasterLayers2Only draw the lowest resolution raster layers
DrawFlags_HiResRasterLayers4Only draw the highest resolution raster layers
DrawFlags_BestRasterChart5Only draw the best raster chart (this is tuned for marine chart display)
DrawFlags_EraseBackground256Erase the background with the current background color (GM_Utility.SetBackgroundColor)
DrawFlags_HideAreas512Do not draw any area features from vector layers
DrawFlags_HideLines1024Do not draw any line features from vector layers
DrawFlags_HidePoints2048Do not draw any point features from vector layers
DrawFlags_SeparateVectorLayers4096Draw each vector separately rather than drawing all at once.
DrawFlags_HideLabels8192Do not label any rendered features
DrawFlags_DontMaintainAspectRatio16384Do NOT maintain the aspect ratio when drawing (this allows stretched views)
DrawFlags_HidePartialLabels32768Hide labels that are not entirely in the draw window
DrawFlags_ShowRenderProgress65536Show render progress dialog or call progress callback if provided
DrawFlags_HideExtraIconText131072Hide any extra text shown below road icons
DrawFlags_HideNonIconRoadLabels262144Hide any road line labels that are not iconized
DrawFlags_RenderVertices524288Render vertices for area and line features
DrawFlags_IncrementalRender1048576Do an incremental render so that draw progress can be seen as layers complete rendering
DrawFlags_NoAutoInterpolation2097152Disable automatic interpolation of rasters at intermediate zoom ranges (results in faster renders w/ less quality)
DrawFlags_DrawMapLayoutLayers4194304Render any map layout layers that are enabled, like elevation legend, distance scale, feature legend, margins, and north arrow
DrawFlags_RasterMask7Mask for raster draw options
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