GM_AsciiFormatInfo_t Class
This type represents layout information for a generic ASCII import
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Namespace:  GlobalMapper
Assembly: GlobalMapperWrapperNET (in GlobalMapperWrapperNET.dll) Version: (

public class GM_AsciiFormatInfo_t

The GM_AsciiFormatInfo_t type exposes the following members.

Public methodGM_AsciiFormatInfo_t
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Public fieldmAreaType
Area type to assign to imported created area features
Public fieldmBreakOnColumnIdx
Index of column to break features on when value changes. Pass NULL for default break behavior.
Public fieldmColumnHeadersInFirstRow
Is the first row of the file column headers? (like for CSV files)
Public fieldmColumnsToSkip
Columns to skip before reaching coordinate columns
Public fieldmCoordDelim
Specify coordinate delimeter
Public fieldmCoordLinePrefix
Prefix to look for at beginning of coordinate lines (default to NULL or empty)
Public fieldmCoordOrder
Coordinate order
Public fieldmFillToBounds
Fill grid to full bounds of data (i.e. don't constrict to convex hull)
Public fieldmIgnoreZeroElevations
Ignore features with an elevation of zero
Public fieldmImportType
Specify import type
Public fieldmIncludeCoordAttrs
Include attributes from coordinate lines
Public fieldmIncludeElevCoords
Is the 3rd coordinate column an elevation or Z value? Must be TRUE for eAsciiImportElevation import type.
Public fieldmLineType
Line type to assign to imported created line features
Public fieldmNoDataDistanceFactor
Tightness factor to use when gridding 3D data. Use 0.0 for default.
Public fieldmOffsetX
Offset to apply to X coordinates
Public fieldmOffsetY
Offset to apply to Y coordinates
Public fieldmOffsetZ
Offset to apply to Z coordinates
Public fieldmPointType
Point type to assign to imported point features
Public fieldmReserved
Reserved, must be 0
Public fieldmScaleX
Scale to apply to X coordinates (default is 1.0)
Public fieldmScaleY
Scale to apply to Y coordinates (default is 1.0)
Public fieldmScaleZ
Scale to apply to Z coordinates (default is 1.0)
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