GM_ViewShedParams_t Fields

The GM_ViewShedParams_t type exposes the following members.

Name Description
Public field mAngleEnd
End angle in radians for radar sweep
Public field mAngleStart
Start angle in radians for radar sweep
Public field mAtmosphericCorr
Atmospheric correction value (1.0 for none)
Public field mCenterPoint
Center point in global coordinates
Public field mColor
Color to display view shed data in
Public field mDesc
View shed description
Public field mFilterRect
Optional rectangle for filtering view shed to a certain area of interest
Public field mFresnelFreq
Frequency (in GHz) to use for testing clearance of first Fresnel zone (use 0.0 to not do Fresnel testing)
Public field mFresnelPctClear
Percentage of first Fresnel zone that must be clear of obstacles (use 0.6 for 60%). If 0 is specified, the default of 60% is used.
Public field mGenCoveragePolys
Generate area/polygon features for the covered area (these are vector and exportable to vector formats)
Public field mRadius
Search radius in meters
Public field mReceiverAngle
Angle (in degrees) above horizon to test at (NULL for none)
Public field mReceiverAngleEnd
Angle (in degrees) above horizon to stop test at (NULL for none) - if this and mReceiverAngle are provided, an angle range view shed test is done (like a flashlight beam)
Public field mReceiverHeight
Height at which transmitter must be visible
Public field mReceiverHeightAbs
Is the receiver height absolute or relative to the ground?
Public field mShowHiddenPoints
Make hidden points visible instead of viewable points.
Public field mShowProgress
Display view shed calculation progress?
Public field mSize
Size of structure in bytes
Public field mTransmitterHeight
Transmitter height in meters
Public field mTransmitterHeightAbs
Is the transmitter height absolute or relative to the ground?
Public field mUseEarthCurvature
Use the curvature of the earth in the analysis?
Public field mVectorElevsAbs
Are vector elevations absolute (i.e. relative to sea level) or relative to ground level?
Public field mVectorLayerList
List of vector layers to use features with elevation attributes from
Public field mVectorLayerListCnt
Number of vector layers in list
Public field mXSpacing
X sample spacing (use 0.0 for default spacing)
Public field mYSpacing
Y sample spacing (use 0.0 for default spacing)
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