Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AreaFeatureClass_t16
Area feature classifications
Public enumeration DATUM
Enumeration of the datum types. This enumeration is shared by the plugins so it is important that the order not change and that new datums be added to the end (before the interplanetary datums is ok)
Public enumeration GM_AddFeatureFlags_t8
Flags to use for adding features to vector layer functions
Public enumeration GM_AreaUnits_t8
Area measure units
Public enumeration GM_AsciiCoordDelim_t8
Type listing available coordinate delimeters for ASCII import
Public enumeration GM_AsciiCoordOrder_t8
Type listing available coordinate order options for ASCII import
Public enumeration GM_AsciiImportType_t8
Type listing available import types for ASCII import
Public enumeration GM_BandValType_t8
Definition of different data types used for raster band values
Public enumeration GM_BlendMode_t8
This type represents the different blend modes available
Public enumeration GM_BrushStyle_t16
Used to specify a brush style for drawing features
Public enumeration GM_CalcBearingFlags_t8
Flags to use when making a GM_CalcBearing call
Public enumeration GM_ChildLayerOp_t8
This type represents operations on a child layer
Public enumeration GM_ColorFormat_t32
List of supported color formats for GM_DrawLayerListToMemory
Public enumeration GM_CombineOp_t8
Available operations when combining terrain layers
Public enumeration GM_CombineOpFlags_t32
Flags for combining terrain layers
Public enumeration GM_ContrastMode_t8
This type represents the different contrast adjustment modes that are available
Public enumeration GM_CustomShaderFlags_t32
This type represents flags available for custom shaders
Public enumeration GM_DatumXForm_t32
This type represents the different available datum transformation methods
Public enumeration GM_db_type_t8
Database connection types
Public enumeration GM_DensityGridFlags_t32
Flags for density grid generation
Public enumeration GM_DensityKernelType_t8
Different type of calculation kernels to use for density generation.
Public enumeration GM_DrawFlags_t32
Flags to control the GM_DrawLayerList and GM_DrawPackageList operations
Public enumeration GM_ElevationExportFormat_t32
List of supported elevation export types
Public enumeration GM_ElevUnits_t8
List of supported elevation units
Public enumeration GM_EqualValueAreaFlags_t32
Define the flags for the equal-value area operation
Public enumeration GM_Error_t32
Error codes
Public enumeration GM_ExportOptsDWGVersion_t8
Define versons for DWG export (from OdaDefs.h)
Public enumeration GM_ExportOptsDXFFlags_t32
Flags to control DWG/DWG exports
Public enumeration GM_ExportOptsDXFLabels_t8
This enumeration lists the ways that line and area labels can be exported to DXF files.
Public enumeration GM_FeatureClassType_t8
Flags describing the type of feature class (i.e. area, point, or line) to work on
Public enumeration GM_FindFlags_t32
Flags to control the GM_FindNearestFeatures function
Public enumeration GM_FontBackground_t8
This type represents the different font background options
Public enumeration GM_GetFeatureFlags_t32
Flags to use when using a GM_Get*FeatureEx function
Public enumeration GM_gps_event_t32
GPS event notification enumeration
Public enumeration GM_gps_fix_t8
GPS fix type
Public enumeration GM_gps_format_t8
Format for GPS connection
Public enumeration GM_gps_nmea_flags_t32
GPS NMEA playback flags
Public enumeration GM_GridAlg_t8
Gridding algorithm - Specify what gridding algorithm to use when gridding 3D vector data and point clouds
Public enumeration GM_GridGenFlags_t32
This type represents the different flags available for elevation grid generation
Public enumeration GM_LabelPlacement_t8
Used to specify the placement of labels on features
Public enumeration GM_LidarAttr_t8
Definition of different Lidar attribute types that we will keep statistics for
Public enumeration GM_LidarClass_t8
Define ASPRS Lidar types
Public enumeration GM_LidarClassGroup_t16
Define Lidar class groups to categorize what type(s) of data a classification represents
Public enumeration GM_LidarDrawMode_t8
Draw types - Update dialogs when more are added
Public enumeration GM_LidarFieldMask_t32
Define bit mask of Lidar fields that are to be updated
Public enumeration GM_LidarFlags_t32
Define flags for Lidar point features
Public enumeration GM_LoadFlags_t32
Flags when loading new layers
Public enumeration GM_LogLevel_t8
Define logging error levels. Lower is higher priority
Public enumeration GM_MapCatalogDisplayType_t8
Display type for map catalog
Public enumeration GM_MapCatalogMapOpt_t8
Define option for map catalog
Public enumeration GM_MapLayoutPiece_t8
Type defining map layout pieces that can be saved out to a bitmap file with GM_Export.ExportMapLayoutComponent
Public enumeration GM_MiscOpt_t32
Misc. advanced options flags used with GM_Utility.SetMiscOptionEx
Public enumeration GM_MiscOptVal_t8
Define misc. opt values. Pass to GM_Utiliyt.SetMiscOption
Public enumeration GM_OnlineSourceType_t32
Define types of online sources
Public enumeration GM_PackageExportFlags_t32
Flags for package export
Public enumeration GM_PathProfileLOSFlags_t32
Flags to control the behavior of path profile/line of sight analysis
Public enumeration GM_PDFExportFlags_t32
This enumeration lists various flags for a PDF export
Public enumeration GM_PenStyle_t16
Styles to apply to the pen when drawing features
Public enumeration GM_ProgressUpdate_t8
Types of progress reported through GM_ProgressCallbackFunc
Public enumeration GM_RasterExportFlags_t32
Flags for raster (i.e. GeoTIFF, JPG) image and elevation grid export
Public enumeration GM_RasterExportFormat_t32
List of supported raster export types
Public enumeration GM_RasterLayoutFlags_t32
This is a set of bit flags for custom raster layers
Public enumeration GM_RasterTypeFlags_t32
Type defines what type of data a raster/elevation layer has. One or more of these flags can be set.
Public enumeration GM_RotationSense_t16
This type is OR'd with the mRotation member of the GM_PointStyle_t structure to specify symbol rotation sense.
Public enumeration GM_RoughnessGridFlags_t32
Flags for roughness grid generation
Public enumeration GM_RoughnessTable_t
Types of roughness tables for converting color values representing land cover to roughness values
Public enumeration GM_SamplingMethod_t8
Enumeration of different raster/elevation sampling methods available
Public enumeration GM_SelectFlags_t32
Flags to control the GM_GetSelectedFeatures function
Public enumeration GM_SelectProjFlags_t32
List of flags for selecting a projection
Public enumeration GM_ShaderBlendingAlg_t8
Ways to blend the intensity when using multiple light sources
Public enumeration GM_SlopeAlg_t8
Slope calculation algorithm to use
Public enumeration GM_VectorExportFlags_t32
Flags for vector (i.e. DXF, Shapefile) export
Public enumeration GM_VectorExportFormat_t32
List of supported vector export types
Public enumeration GM_WatershedFlags_32
Flags for watershed calculations
Public enumeration GM_WebExportFlags_t32
This type represents flags available for web format exports
Public enumeration GM_WebExportFormat_t32
List of supported web export types
Public enumeration GridDisplay_t
Enumeration for grid display types
Public enumeration LineFeatureClass_t16
Line feature classifications
Public enumeration MeshFeatureClass_t16
Mesh feature classifications
Public enumeration PointFeatureClass_t16
Point feature classifications
Public enumeration PROJATTR
Enumeration of projection attribute types. These values are shared with the Global Mapper DLL so it is important that their values to not change.
Public enumeration PROJSYS
Enumeration of the projection types. This enumeration is shared by the plugins so it is important that the order not change and that new projections be added such that the enumerated value of existing projections is not disturbed.
Public enumeration UNIT
Enumeration of the unit types. This enumerator is shared by plugins and the Global Mapper DLL interface, so it is important that the order does not change and that new units are added to the end.
Public enumeration ZLevel_t16
Feature z levels