Multi-part Features

Some vector data formats contain multi-part features. For example political boundaries may be represented with areas that are not contiguous, but share the same attributes, such as states that include islands.

These features may be grouped into multi-part features.

Grouped features will not be reflected in the feature count in the Control Center. Grouped features can be seen in the Metadata for layer under AREA GROUPS.

GROUP - Create Multi-Part Polygon from Selected Area Features

This option is available when area features are selected with the digitizer in the right-click context menu, under Advanced Feature Creation

The selected area features will be grouped into a single multi-part feature. The number of multi-part features will not be reflected in the feature count listed in the Overlay Control Center. The group count is listed in the Metadata and shown in the Geometry section of Feature Info Tool. The individual areas will also receive an Area Group ID attribute.

UN-GROUP - Separate Multi-Part Polygons into Separate Areas

This option is available when a multi-part area is selected with the digitzer tool. The option will be available in the digitizer right-click context menu under Advanced Feature Creation.

The selected multi-part features will be split into separate areas.