Point Symbol

The point symbol may be specified using the Feature Type, layer level Point Styles Tab, or the Modify Feature Info custom style settings.


For the available built-in point symbols see Built-In Point Types and Symbols

Custom symbol icons may be added in Custom Symbol Configuration


Specify at what angle, if any, to rotate the symbol when displaying it on the map. Then use the from setting to specify what the rotation is relative to:

Rotated symbols are good for use in geology maps and for adding things like north arrows to your maps.

Scale.../ Symbol Size...

Select the scale factor to resize the symbol. This provides a dialog with options for scaling relative to the original image size, or scaling to a fixed height in ground units.

Scale the Symbol Size by Some Factor

For example, to double the size of a symbol use a scale of 2.0, whereas to make a symbol half its original size, use a scale of 0.5.

Scale the Symbol to Some Fixed Height in Ground Units

Specify a symbol size in ground units. This will automatically scale the point so that it is always the specified number of meters tall on the 2D map regardless of zoom level.

3D Model

Specify a custom model to use as the point symbol in 3D. The size of the model will be derived from the elevation and height values, and impacted by the Altitude Mode and Model Placement settings.

For the available built-in 3D models see Built-in 3D Models

To add a custom 3D model see Custom Symbol Configuration

For more information on 3D model placement and size see 3D Point Symbols