Vertex Editing

If the Show Area and Line Vertices option is enabled (Shift+V is the keyboard shortcut to toggle this setting), you can also select individual vertices on area and line features. You must select vertices before accessing the Digitizer right-click menu options.

With vertices selected, the Digitizer sub-menu will appear, with options (below) that allow you to work with individual vertices in area and line features appear in the right-click options menu. Selected vertices will be shown on the display with a circle around them.

Edit Vertices of Selected Features:

Edit Vertices of Selected Area Features:

To select vertices, simply left click near a vertex to select the closest, or drag a box to select all vertices within the box. The same behavior modifications occur as described above if the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys are pressed when selecting.

Holding down the 'S' key when left clicking, to only consider vertices from already selected lines or areas.