Resample or Split Selected Features

To resample or split features using a sample count and/or fixed distances, select an area or line feature and right-click to select the option to Resample/Split Selected Feature(s) at Specified Spacing… from the right-click Digitizer submenu Crop/Combine/Split Functions to access the Sample Spacing Setup dialog (below).


Sample Features at Fixed Number of Regularly Spaced Locations - Use this field to generate a specific number of sample points for the selected feature, and to set up labeling and prefix/suffix preferences for the generated points.

Sample Features at a Fixed Distance Interval - Use this option to specify a fixed distance between sample points, the number of points will be determined by the distance interval and size of the selected feature. By default the points will be named by distance.

Sample Features at Endpoints Only - Select this option to only generate sample points at the endpoints of selected features.