Rotating and Moving and Zooming in the 3D viewer

Much of the interaction in 3D can be performed using the mouse and mouse wheel, or keyboard shortcuts. Use the mouse to rotate the view around as well as zoom in, or use the 3D View tools for rotation, moving and zooming described below.

The Rotate operation allows rotating the scene around the current pivot axis, or tilting the scene on an axis that parallels the view window plane, by moving the mouse with the left button down.

The Move operation allows moving the scene up and down the pivot axis and along the same axis as is used by Rotate by moving the mouse with the right button down.*


Zooms the 3D view in and out using the mouse wheel.

Keyboard shortcut: Pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Z key will activate Zoom mode in the 3D view.

Using the Zoom tools

The zoom in and out buttons will zoom in or out on the center of the 3D view.

You can also use the arrow keys and numeric keypad to pan and zoom the 3D image without using the mouse. See

 Walk Mode

Switches view to a 'walk mode'. Left-click and drag back to pan the view back, mouse left-click and drag forward to move the view forward.

The default Walk Mode height may be set in the Change Display Properties dialog.

Keyboard shortcuts: Pressing the Ctrl+W key will activate Walk mode in the 3D view.
The 'Pg Up' and 'Pg Dn' buttons or mouse wheel will adjust the Walk Mode height
The arrow keys may also be used to move.
Hold the mouse wheel and move up and down or press V+ arrow keys to change the Walk Mode pitch.

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