Configure Info Tips

Info Tips are small windows that pop up when you allow the mouse cursor to hover over data layers on the map. Info Tips can contain the current cursor location and information about features at the cursor location.

The Configure Info Tips command allows you to specify the information to be included in each Info Tip. To start or stop display of Info Tips, use the Enable Info Tips command in the View menu. Global Mapper will remember the Info Tip settings when you close the program.

Use the Configure Info Tips dialog (shown above) to specify the kind of information that you would like displayed in the Info Tips. Select Enable Info Tips to specify that Info Tips should be displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over map layers. This has the same effect as the Enable Info Tips command in the View menu.

Select Include Cursor Location to indicate that you want Info Tips to contain the map coordinates under the mouse cursor. Choose In Current Projection to display the coordinates in the current map projection, or In Latitude and Longitude to display them in geodetic coordinates.

Use Define... to change the visual style elements for Info Tips. The current style is shown in the sample label in the Style group. The Select Area Style dialog will be displayed so you can choose the background color, font, and other style elements.