Using the Path Profile Tool with Lidar Data

If the Lidar Module is registered, the Lidar Toolbar will populate on the Path Profile/ Line of Sight window when there is Lidar data loaded.

To reclassify points using the Path Profile/ LOS tool and the Lidar Module toolbar, select the points  to reclassify within the Path Profile/ Line of Sight window. Then, select the new class on the Lidar Module toolbar.

A window will pop-up verifying that selected points are to be reclassified to the indicated class. To finish reclassification, click the 'Yes' button.

Color Mode Drop Down

The Lidar Module toolbar Path Profile/ Line of Sight window also features the drop down menu to select the display characteristics of the point cloud.

By default, this will be set to Use Global Setting from Toolbar, which copies the Lidar point display characteristics from the primary Global Mapper interface set in the Lidar Toolbar.

In the Path Profile window, the color settings may be changed just in the context of the Path Profile window.  

The below options are accessed via the drop down menu just to the right of the Lidar Classification buttons.

Color Lidar by RGB/Elev - Colors the Lidar points by Red, Green, Blue (RGB) values if present, otherwise will use the elevation values.

Color Lidar by Elevation - Applies a color spread to the range of elevations found in the Lidar data.

Color Lidar by Intensity - Color Lidar points from black to white by the intensity of the return pulse. Lidar classified with this method can sometimes be used in place of aerial imagery.

Color Lidar by Classification - Colors Lidar points by the ASPRS defined classification values.

Color Lidar by Return Number - Applies a color spread to the range of return values, which typically range from 1 to 5.

Color Lidar by Height Above Ground - The ground height is calculated from the Lidar point cloud, either from classified ground/water points or by the minimum elevation in large chunks. This is not exact and the process may take a few moments to calculate the first time, as ground height is determined.   

Delete Selected

Delete the selected Lidar points.

Edit Selected

Edit the selected Lidar points. This allow for specifying Lidar classes or properties not available in the toolbar buttons.

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