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GISGeography Global Mapper Review

    From robust LiDAR processing to its versatility and inter-operability, Global Mapper is a refreshing option at a low cost.

Disponível o aplicativo Global Mapper Mobile para usuários de iOS

    A Blue Marble Geographics anunciou recentemente que o Global Mapper Mobile, uma versão otimizada para campo do software para desktop, já está disponível para usuários de iOS.

Mapping the Coastal Zone (Litto3D®) with the Help of Global Mapper

    Operating under the administration of the French Ministry of Defense, the Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM) provides a public service in the fields of hydrography and maritime cartography. Working in partnership with IGN (Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière), SHOM has embarked on an ambitious project to create a seamless, high-resolution elevation model incorporating both bathymetric and topographic coverage for the entire coastline of France as well as French Overseas Territories. Utilizing both airborne LiDAR and multibeam data collection techniques, the Litto3D® project generates enormous quantities of raw data covering the swath of coastline from 10 meters above to 10 meters below sea level and extending at least 2 kilometers inland.

Thurber Engineering Case Study

    Thurber Engineering uses Global Mapper to analyze LiDAR data to identify and assess the risk of hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, snow and rock avalanches, and debris flows.

Increasing the value of lidar and UAV point-clouds

    Over the last decade, lidar data has evolved from a luxury commodity to a fairly ubiquitous and readily available resource. While the underlying technology has been around for more than 50 years, only relatively recently has lidar found its way into mainstream GIS.

Increasing the Value of a LiDAR Point Cloud with The Global Mapper LiDAR Module

    Traditional mapping practices create a representation of the world from a two-dimensional, top-down perspective. The age-old challenge of projecting spatial data onto a two-dimensional plane is a direct consequence of this apparent necessity. Today's geospatial technology increasingly considers the third dimension in its analysis and data processing tasks, giving us a much more accurate and realistic view. This trend has served to elevate three-dimensional data formats such as LiDAR to the forefront of the geospatial industry.

A VerySpatial Podcast Episode 514

    A podcast from VerySpatial which includes an interview with Blue Marble's David McKittrick

Directions Magazine Feature on Global Mapper from A Surveyor's Perspective

    It all began innocently enough. For Christmas, my wife gave me a Garmin Oregon 550 and I just needed to get some raster images onto this hand-held GPS device. ...

Global Mapper's LiDAR Module, Increasing the Value of a LiDAR Point Cloud

    Concurrent with the expanded availability of LiDAR data, many software companies have developed ever more powerful applications to process the raw point cloud files. These software offerings run the gamut from simple data viewers to complex analysis tools. Sitting squarely between these extremes is Global Mapper, a fully functional desktop GIS application from Blue Marble Geographics.

5 Cool Things - Tools to Help You Work Better, Smarter and Faster with LiDAR

    LiDAR is all the rage and there's a number of tools and resources at the disposal of the technology professional to help him/her work with better and smarter with point clouds and LiDAR data. The following are but of a few of the many resources out there that the user new to LiDAR might wish to consider checking out.

Clinton Systems Computer Cut Topography

    Global Mapper is an ideal tool for generating shape and image files used to make physical 3D terrain models. The shape file directs a CNC milling machine to cut the model. The image is converted to grayscale, dithered and laser marked on the model surface. Laser marking is an optical and CNC process and is very accurate.

Getting a Handle on LiDAR

    Much as is the trend with many other sensing technologies, the volume of data coming off light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors available for analysis, visualization and dissemination is growing by leaps and bounds. Although LiDAR sensors have always generated plenty of information, the growth in demand for LiDAR data, along with advances in sensors and collection technologies, has created masses of data that just keep on growing.

Is LiDAR Disruptive Technology?

    The use of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data has taken center stage in geospatial technology during the last few years. LiDAR data collection hardware vendors and service providers, who historically supplied imagery or survey services, have teamed to offer numerous options for collecting and delivering highly precise data.

Experience the Power of Professional Mapping

    For more than two decades, Blue Marble Geographics has been at the forefront of the GIS data processing software business.

Rilasciata la versione 15.1 di Global Mapper in lingua italiana

    Article about the release of the Italian language version of Global Mapper v15.1.

For In-Depth Point Cloud Processing

    January 2014 Geospatial World article about the Global Mapper LiDAR Module

The American Surveyor - Ground Versus Grid - Low Distortion Projections, Part1

    Part 1 of a 2 part series highlights the inherent deficiency of the State Plane Coordinate System with regard to excessive scale factors, the poor solutions often employed by surveyors and engineers to remedy that deficiency, and suggests a viable alternative through the use of Low Distortion Projections - LDP.

The American Surveyor - Ground Versus Grid - Low Distortion Projections, Part 2

    Part 2 of this series describes the actual design of two real world Low Distortion Projections and the benefit implementing your own LDPs could present in your own work.

3D CAD software for surveyors exploits geospatial data

    MicroSurvey Software Inc. has rolled out a new version of its desktop survey and design software, MicroSurvey CAD 2014, adding new functionality for geospatial data and featuring Blue Marble Geographic's Global Mapper v15 software supporting more than a hundred elevation, imagery and vector formats.

New GIS tools and geospatial data sets for surveying and mapping

    This article highlights the advantages that the soil surveyor can gain by analysing high resolution imagery and DEMs in a 3D environment.

Portland plans for action in the face of rising seas and bigger storms

    Faced with an expectation of five feet of sea-level rise by 2100, Portland, ME has a number of questions to answer: What should they do? Is a seawall the right answer? How big should it be, and where? What about building a new school, or moving a sewage-treatment plant? The dollar amounts for these things are always in the millions, if not the billions. Nobody wants to spend that much money and find out years from now it was too much - or too little, or the right amount but in the wrong place.

The Semi-Poor Man's GIS Workflow: Raster Calculations using Global Mapper and Esri ArcView by Brett J Marraccini, GISP

    A workflow discussion using Esri ArcGIS Desktop and Global Mapper to run raster calculations.

Advancing Toward Spatial Data Quality Assurance by Patrick Cunningham and Matthew Beare

    "I didn't know it existed"; "I couldn't get access to it"; and "It's not compatible with my system" are barriers that are falling away as implementations of the OGC's web catalogue, map, feature and coverage service standards become widely used.

Is Your GIS Translation Process Affecting Your Productivity? by Linda Duffy

    Tools such as Global Mapper 14.1 from Blue Marble Geographics are designed to help users achieve efficient data processing, accurate map creation and optimized spatial data management.

Video with Adam Hill

    Blue Marble's Adam Hill speaks at Intergeo 2012 in Hanover Germany

Video with David McKittrick

    Blue Marble's David McKittrick speaks at Intergeo 2012 in Hanover Germany on Global Mapper

GIS Basics for Surveyors

    In an article from the October 2012 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine, David McKittrick, of Blue Marble Geographics, discusses the basics of GIS and how GIS technology can complement the tools in use by the surveying community.

Trusting the Data We Share

    Matthew Beare and Patrick Cunningham outline the role of the OGC's Data Quality Domain WOrking Group

Can you handle the Z? Blue Marble unveils new lidar API for GeoCore 2012

    As the demand for aerial lidar data increases, and as the systems gather increasingly large amounts of data, there is the correlating need to process more data in quicker fashion with better accuracy.

Preparing for Floods: Maine Company Develops High-Tech Approach by MPBN

    Snowmelt, rain, ice and tides routinely deliver unpleasant surprises to Mainers in the form of flooding. Factor in the sea-level rise scientists predict from global warming and it can be hard to anticipate where and when coastal flooding might occur. But a collaboration between researchers and a Maine software firm could help municipalities plan for future flooding, in a way that minimizes the associated costs.

Capturing Time by Point of Beginning

    The Earth is a dynamic body... Because of these movements, a position that was observed at one epoch or point in time may have a significantly different location within a reference frame at another epoch. Time-dependent positioning therefore becomes important for anyone who wants to use GPS to its submeter precision potential.

Need for Highly Accurate Mapping by V1 Magazine's Spatial Sustain

    There's an increasing need for highly accurate mapping, and Blue Marble is pushing forward to expand their products beyond coordinate and geospatial data conversion to data quality management.

Geographic Calculator 6.0 review published in The American Surveyor

    The Geographic Calculator, from Blue Marble Geographics, is the kind of utility program that allows the average surveyor to swim around in the geodetic pool without drowning.